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Citizenship 101

If men, through fear, fraud, or mistake, should in terms renounce or give up any natural right, the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society vacate such renunciation. The right to freedom being the gift of God, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave.

Samuel Adams – the Father of the American Revolution

What a great question … Who Made You God?


The Beauty and Power of America is buried in the Founding Documents:
The Declaration of Independence: The INTENT of LAW
The Original Organic 1776 Constitution: THE LAW
The Original 10 Amendments TO the Constitution: The Bill Of Rights, The Line in the Sand over which Government cannot Step.

These documents, although only 238 years old, are based on Common Law not upon mans opinion.  Law that has been perfected over 6,000 years.  They are as timeless as Common Law, Natural Law and Gods Law can possibly be.  Man is the Sovereign and Government the Servant.

It is these three primary Documents that the “Self Proclaimed” Masters of the Orb, the Elitists, condemn so readily. Of course they do. These are the only documents, ever produced throughout History by a country, Contracts between We the People and the Government, that place such heavy restraints ON the Elitists.  Those Leg Irons and Handcuffs, as written, when applied, if applied, maintain the Absolute and Permanent controls ON Government.  Anyone who suggests that these Documents need to be reviewed, altered or changed in any manner what-so-ever needs to be put on the bus and escorted out of town, delivered to the closest Socialist country and dropped off.  Enjoy your new digs, don’t come back.

We ARE a Republic NOT a Democracy.  We ARE NOT Changing and IF YOU think we are, Step outside for a minute.  It IS NOT Majority Rule here. America is governed under Rule of Law.  Law that applies to EVERYONE, Yes, even the Government. ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT!


Our choice is between Man’s Law, Statute Law
Common Law, Natural Law and or God’s Law upon which our Founding Documents are written.

Man’s Law, Statue Law is comprised of 60,000,000 laws in 100,000 volumes of small, undecipherable print.  Not even the writers can explain it.  If you could read and study a law in 5 minutes you could read 12 laws an hour. That would take 5,000,000 hours.  There are 8 hours in a working day.  That’s 625,000 working days.  There are 365 Days in a year.  That’s 1,712 years of working days and change.

On the other hand, Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights take about 45 minutes to read.  And, by the way, all of man’s laws MUST comport to the Constitution ( THE Supreme Law of the Land ).  As for me, I opt for the Founding Documents, you can do what ever you wish to do.


Any More Questions? We will be happy to answer them, while you pack…



Anyone who thinks the Government can take better care of you than you can, needs to take another look at the American Indian.”

… and I would add Detroit, the National Debt, Banking, Taxes, Insurance, Congress, the Senate, Lawyers and ANY business government has ever taken over or attempted to operate!